Tools & Websites for Improvement

List of other very useful resources to improve as a player! 

Advanced Combat Tracker  - Parsing Tool for FFXIV

FFlogs - Upload your parses from ACT, analyze & compare with others

XIVanalysis - Once uploaded, plug it into XIVanalysis to check for mistakes & more

Akhmorning - Hub for Caster resources 

Allaganstudies - Theorycrafting & much more in depth understanding of FFXIV

DPS Tools Discord - Discord with Rotation planners, gear planners etc.

Other resources for FFXIV


Mopi Mopi ACT Overlay - Overlay to make your ACT look fancy! Video for my Mopi Mopi setup

TexTools & Modding Discord - Make your game look prettier! 

Hud Layout Links - Collection of Links to improve your HUD layout


ERC - Discord for Static Recruitment & LFG for EU only

Logruns Discord - For Chaos & Light