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12th of August 2020:

Patch 5.3 went live in FFXIV. Things that have changed with 5.3:
- BiS for all Ranged Jobs for The Epic of Alexander. Not yet updated, waiting for math to be 100% sure on the new BiS sets.

- Bard has received a few small potency buffs. TL;DR not too huge but will help bard to compete with Machinist.

- Bard Video added regarding the buffs. Bard Video clear for The Seat of Sacrifice Extreme.


To come:

Bard optimization Video.


19th of June 2020,

Added the following:


Written Guide

The Epic of Alexander BiS & Video


The Epic of Alexander Guidelines by Dook & BiS



15th of June 2020

The Website has been created and still needs a lot of work.

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